10 Questions that Determine if Manipura Meditation is for You.

I designed this guided meditation for the Manipura Chakra so that we both can become more succesful and charismatic. I use it every day and my life is changing in many positive ways. 

But do YOU really need it? Answer truthfully the 10 questions below. If you find yourself saying YES to any of them, downloading this guided meditation will POSITEVELY change your life.

1.  Do you want more power and authority in your life?

2.  Are you feeling stuck in your career?

3.  Is it difficult for you to influence others?

4.  Do you have trouble taking action?

5.  Are you experiencing a lot of anger?

6.  Do others just “walk over you”?

7. Do you lack any clear direction or ambition?

8. Do you avoid people?

9. Do you often feel disrespected?

10. Is it hard for you to detect when others are lying?

Did you answer ‘YES’ to any of them? If so, you can either CLICK HERE to arrange your MP3’s download or you can read more below, where I will outline how & why the Guided Manipura Chakra Meditation works.

Think for a second, how great would it be like if you’d take decisive action naturally, without forcing yourself?


As a smart person, you probably know that the responsibility for your life lies entirely in your hands. There is nothing you can do to put it on others or fate, no matter how hard you pretend it is this way. That you agree with this basic truth means you are sane. However, you accepting this Truth intellectually and living it are not the same.

If you have ever experienced procrastination, or felt like a victim, or felt stuck and unable to change – despite knowing that your life is your responsibility – it is because there are so many, many behaviors, habits and interactions that are controlled by the unconsious programming of your mind. That’s why probably you’ve already read many books about personal development and goal achievement, and found out that they don’t work - not themselves!. They all require YOU to work. But if you were automatically willing to work in the first place, you wouldn’t read them, you would simply act.


This is the main goal of this product: to make you simply act, to make you a mover-and-shaker, to make you an achiever. Change is hard, but we can make it easy by targetting your unconcious programming with guided meditation. You probably know that science has proven how extremely well imagination works on your subconscious mind. With imagination, we will strenghen one of your Chakras.

Chakras are in Indian philosophy said to be the energetic centers of the spiritual body that we all posess. You could ask: do they really exist? The scientific jury is still out, but it shouldn’t matter to you. What matters is that meditating on them really works. It has helped me immensely. Manipura Chakra is the one we will be working with.


Why this one, not others? Because you seek success in this world, and this is the Chakra for it. Its color is yellow, or golden, its symbol is the sun, its name translates to City of Jewels, and it is located above your navel, where the stomach is. When you feel it burning, you start to define yourself. You take pride in yourself, in every single of your unique qualities. You find it easy to express yourself. You find it easy to act, you find it easy to achieve. You start applying what you’ve read about in all these self-help books – and you find that you naturally have that knowledge inside of you. What’s more, you suddenly have the passion, you have the drive, you have the the burning, burning ambition. And you are more social, easily commanding others to do your bidding.


Perhaps you heard some hippie guru say that your Chakras need to be in balance with each other. But let me ask: Are you trying to become a monk or are you trying to achieve success? Gold Chakra is the one to focus on for that. Strenghtening it will automatically reinforce the others to the extent they need to for you to become a powerful leader. Charisma can be yours, and will be, when you glow like the Sun itself.

What is more, opportunities and chances for career advancement, for new friendships, for improving your social standing will present themselves to you automatically. It is miraculous. But YOU need to open up to this power.