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Dear Friend, I’m going to tell an ancient Hindu secret that not many people know about:

There is a kind of practical meditation that can exponentially increase your personal power and charisma. Hindu kings and rajas (rulers) used it for ages to assert their control over people. What did they do? They consciously accessed the power of their Manipura Chakra. The Indian word for ‘emperor’, chakravartin, relates to this fact.


Chakras are said in Hindu philosophy to be the energetic centers of the spiritual body that we all posess. You could ask: do they really exist? The scientific jury is still out, but it shouldn’t matter to you. What matters is that meditating on them really works. Manipura Chakra is the one responsible for the success in this world. Its color is yellow, or golden, its symbol is the sun, its name translates to City of Jewels, and it is located above your navel, where the stomach is.


See where Napoleon is holding his hand? That’s the place.

When you feel your Manipura burning, you start to define yourself. You take pride in yourself, in every single of your unique qualities. You find it easy to express yourself. You find it easy to act, you find it easy to achieve. You start applying what you’ve read about in all these self-help books – and you find that you naturally have that knowledge inside of you. What’s more, you suddenly have the passion, you have the drive, you have the the burning, fiery ambition. And you are more social, easily commanding others to do your bidding.

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My personal story

For years I had been unsuccessful, wandering from this occupation to another, never making a dent, seemingly never going forward. I was very frustrated and fed up with myself. The most annoying thing was that although many people were telling me that I have a powerful, authoratitive aura, I was never really granted any position of power! It was as if the world was sensing some energetic inbalance in me and deciding to keep me down for the time.

I wasn’t having it. I searched far and wide for a solution that would unlock my potential. I tried a great many things and none of them worked - until about a year ago I found out about the Manipura chakra.

I was a little sceptical, but at that point I was ready to try anything. Imagine my suprise when after 30 seconds of intense concentration I felt a light tingle in my solar plexus area.

That alone wouldn’t have convinced me, but later during the day I realised that I’m acting in a more decisive manner than ever. I also, to my own suprise, easily and humorously deflected my girlfriends attempt to manipulate me into spending more money on her. And her reaction? She was happy! Finally her man was showing his strenght.

I felt amazed and delved deeply into the subject, learning as much about it as I could. With this knowledge I developed a detailed visual imagery to help me get the best results from meditation. (This is the same imagery that you’ll apply when I guide you in the recording). Meanwhile, a transformation has been occuring in me and in my life. I became a far more disciplined, active and energetic person. I saw what exactly inside me was previously preventing me from achieving the success that I felt I deserved. At the same time I began noticing more and more opportunities in my life. I jumped at one of them and now I’m running a succesful local business. I gotta admit: I feel more powerful now then ever before.

Something has been bothering me though: I knew there were other men like me, with powerful ambitions but internal blocks to fulfilling them. It bothered me because one of the most fundamental shifts that Manipura meditation brings about is how you relate to others. A true leader may have a strong ego, but isn’t selfish - not in the way a child is. It’s a fine distinction you that will come to appreciate soon enough if you use my meditation.

Anyway, that consideration was what drew me towards creating this product. I also wanted to achieve success not only off- but also online: dominate both worlds, so to speak. That does not need to concern you, of course - lets take a look at what my guided meditation can do for you.

11 Benefits of regular Manipura meditation.


- Feel more stable emotionally

- Take action easily and naturally

- Recognize when others are lying or trying to manipulate you

- Desire your goals more strongly; be mroe motivated

- Heal old emotional wounds, especially anger

- Express yourself more easily

- Assume more expansive and dominant body language

- Become more decisive and determined

- Work more - on your own goals, not those of your boss!

- Get more respect

- Advance in your chosen career or business, especially when it comes to positions of authority

- Dominate your relationship

…and many other things.

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10 Questions that Determine if Manipura Meditation is for You.

If you are still undecided, take a look at the questions below. If you answer YES to any of them, it means that Manipura Chakra Guided Meditation can help you.

1. Do you want more power and authority in your life?

2. Are you feeling stuck in your career?

3. Is it difficult for you to influence others?

4. Do you have trouble taking action?

5. Are you experiencing a lot of anger?

6. Do others just “walk over you”?

7. Do you lack any clear direction or ambition?

8. Do you avoid people?

9. Do you often feel disrespected?

10. Is it hard for you to detect when others are lying?

Did you answer ‘YES’ to any of them?

The put a stop to your misery and click the button.

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How does the Manipura chakra guided meditation work?

Think for a second, how great would it be like if you’d take decisive action naturally, without forcing yourself?

As a smart person, you probably know that the responsibility for your life lies entirely in your hands. There is nothing you can do to put it on others or fate, no matter how hard you pretend it is this way. That you agree with this basic truth means you are sane.

However, you accepting this Truth intellectually and living it are not the same. If you have ever experienced procrastination, or felt like a victim, or felt stuck and unable to changedespite knowing that your life is your responsibility – it is because there are so many, many behaviors, habits and interactions that are controlled by the unconsious programming of your mind.

That’s why probably you’ve already read many books about personal development and goal achievement, and found out that they don’t work - not themselves!. They all require YOU to work. But if you were automatically willing to work in the first place, you wouldn’t read them, you would simply act.

This is the main goal of this product: to make you simply act, to make you a mover-and-shaker, to make you an achiever. Change is hard, but we can make it easy by targetting your unconcious programming with guided meditation. You probably know that science has proven how extremely well imagination works on your subconscious mind. With imagination, we will open nad strenghten your Manipura, and therefore, YOU.

Perhaps you heard some hippie guru say that your Chakras need to be in balance with each other. But let me ask: Are you trying to become a monk or are you trying to achieve success? Manipura chakra is the one to focus on for that. Strenghtening it will automatically reinforce the others to the extent they need to for you to become a powerful leader. Charisma can be yours, and will be, when you glow like the Sun itself.

What is more, opportunities and chances for career advancement, for new friendships, for improving your social standing will present themselves to you automatically. It is miraculous. But YOU need to open up to this power.

Decision time is now.

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